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The code of conduct of a safe harbor is that members do not solicit other members for investments or services. We ask all members, guests and speakers to respect this non-commercial tradition and refrain from giving even informal investment presentations or making solicitations of any kind. Exchanging business cards is entirely appropriate. All Campden members, both new and veterans, agree to preserve this safe harbor. An important feature of the Campden Code of Conduct is that members are polite and professional in their interaction with all members. This includes welcoming advisors or speakers into the community of learners and respecting their interest in receiving feedback on event presentations or their communications.

Member Conversations on Memberlink® – The freedom to ask, and the assurance of an ivory snow reply – all within a confidential, private network – are the foundation of the safe harbor on Memberlink®. Use your judgment when criticizing an advisor or fellow member; no “flaming.” Never print out and / or forward dialogues to anyone other than your own family / family office. Campden is not responsible for the views expressed or any actions taken as a result of information shared on Memberlink®. Campden does not edit or otherwise perform due diligence on the responses. Please remember that a member’s opinion may be biased. Campden urges members to perform their own extensive due diligence.

The value of the Campden network and community is greatly enhanced by the participation of members. Campden hopes you will complete at least one Campden survey per year, and if possible, answer or ask a question online regularly throughout the year.

To maintain the integrity of the membership, Campden asks all members to disclose affiliations annually. Please complete the following:

Disclaimer: Campden reserves the right to decline Membership to any Family Member or Private Investor that does not meet our qualification criteria. Should a Members circumstances change during their tenure, then we retain the right to curtail Membership. Should we recognise false or misleading information that has not been declared surrounding our qualification criteria, then we have the right to curtail Membership with no refund.